Setting up Alerting on HWiNFO64

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Step 1. Write PowerShell script to send email to yourself

The first step in setting up alerting for HWiNFO64 is to write a PowerShell script (.ps1) that sends a customized email to your email address or phone number. Here are the parameters that will need to be set for this script:

$EmailFrom = Enter the email address from which the message will originate from. Place in quotations (“”).

Note: The email address in this field does not have to be one that is active. You can use a dummy email address (ex. “”)

$EmailTo = Enter the email address which the message will be sent to. Place in quotations (“”).

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My Gaming Computer

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Last December, I ended up pulling off building myself a gaming rig with the latest Intel Coffee Lake i5 CPU (my system requirements do not warrant an i7 at this time) and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1070 Ti that was released a month prior. This is my main computer for everything that I do, such as playing the latest PC games, emulating video games from the past, doing work on this website/blog posts, virtualization, and doing college work.

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Welcome to the Blog

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Welcome to my blog, which will serve as the most updated and largest portion of my personal website. In this blog, I will discuss on various topics pertinent to the Information Technology field such as PC gaming, computer hardware and software, major cybersecurity incidents, and general professional stuff. I will also talk about tips pertaining to going to college.

I will often post an entry at least once a month at a minimum. Depending on how much free time I have away from school or work, I will definitely post more often. Most of the topics that I will be discussing on here will be what is on my mind for the month, or whatever I am in the mood to write about at this very time.

Other than the standard blog post, I will also share any interesting articles or videos pertaining to the IT field on this blog as well.

This is a brief post, but it serves as the inaugural post for this blog. This blog can also be reached at